Wednesday, July 21, 2010

High Chair for Older Kids

Noel in her high chair.

Another Angelman mom was posting the other day about what to do after your angel is to big for a toddler high chair. Luckily, my daughter's health insurance company bought her a high chair when she was about 5 to 6 years old (time kind of blurs together these days).

The picture shows the high chair with Noel in it. Just to let you know, I store the high chair by the wall when it is not in use. I don't make her eat over there alone. She eats with us by the table. Here is what the high chair looks like without Noel in it:

There are straps, and the tray is resting to the side so you can see them. I don't use the straps. I am fortunate that Noel stays put when the tray is put in place so I don't have any need to restrain her. It is an option though.

The chair is totally customizable and you can purchase feet restraints and other items for it if need be. Noel's PT had a catalog, and the representative from AllCare Medical (I live in NJ) met with me and the PT. Noel was fitted for the chair, a script was obtained from her pediatrician, a letter of necessity was issued by the PT, and we got the chair. It took a year to get the high chair, and when we got it they denied the tray. I had to reapply for that, and received it 3 months later. It was a long process, but I didn't have the money to pay for it.

My advice is to consult your PT if you are in need of a high chair type device. They make them even for adults I believe. The PT should have catalog's that you can use to find one that is right for you angel.

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  1. What is this chair called? We have just contacted our DME guy to come out and help us figure out what type of chair to get for Joshua!