Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bilateral DAFO's for Noel

Noel at a PT session with Miss Angela

Today I met with Noel's PT and her supervising PT. Noel has been walking on her tippy toes for years, but it has now finally gotten to the point that she needs to wear bilateral DAFO's (braces). Noel is especially tight in her left leg. She doesn't touch her heels to the ground, and she has been leaning forward when she walks.

To help Noel try to remain upright when she walks the school is trying a hip hugger (the red stretchy thing seen around Noel's waste in the above pictures). They are also going to try a weighted vest (which is different than the pressure vest she already wears) because when weight is applied to Noel's shoulders she flattens her feet back down on the floor.

I have go contact the insurance company to find out what company I can use to get the bilateral DAFO's. Then we will have to set up an appointment with a representative from that company to meet at Noel's school with the PT to measure her for the braces. A note from her physician and from the PT will have to be obtained to be submitted along with the measurements before approval is given. Since this process usually takes a few months, I am glad that the school can begin trying the hip hugger and the weighted vest. I'll keep you updated as I get more information.

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