Thursday, July 1, 2010

Catch That Drool!

Cute photo of my two girls!

One major issue with a lot of Angelman children is drool. From the day my Noel was born, she drooled constantly. She is 8 years old and still uses a bib most of the time. If she doesn't have a bib then I am stuck changing her clothes four or five times each day.

I recently became friends with another mother of an Angelman Syndrome child. She found a unique way to disguise the bib so that it looks like a fashion accessory. These bibs are so cute. The bibs are called hipper bibs, and they come in several different sizes and absorbencies.

I don't make any money by telling you this, I just really believe this is an exceptional product that could benefit Angelman children as well as parents of children with other disabilities. If fact, there are even hipper bibs available in adults sizes.

So check out hipper bibs HERE, and order a few fashion bibs for your little Angel.

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  1. Wonderful blog, Alicia. You've written terrific articles so far, very informative and well-written. Best of luck with the blog, and I look forward to buying your book!