Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Life with an Angel: A Sibling's Perspective

Photo: Noel (my angel) sister Kirsten, and sister Anna

I thought it would be interesting to get my daughter Anna's perspective on having a sister with Angelman Syndrome. Anna is currently 10 years old. I'm doing it interview style.

Me: What are your favorite things about Noel:
Anna: I love how much she laughs when I jump up and down. Her smile always cheers me up.

Me: What things bother you about Noel:
Anna: Whenever we play hide and seek, she always finds me. She steals my toys because she knows it annoys me. She laughs even when I cry.

Me: How do you feel when strangers make comments:
Anna: I don't think they should say anything because they don't know anything about her. It makes me feel sad that they don't understand. They must not have a brother or sister with the same problems.

Me: How do you feel about the extra precautions we have to take with Noel, such as never being able to set anything down in the livingrooms or diningroom that Noel could get hurt with, or always having to shut and lock the half doors when you enter or leave a room:
Anna: They don't bother me because I am used to it.

Me: Do you feel you are missing out on anything because Noel can't play the same way you do:
Anna: No

Me: What is your favorite thing that you have ever gotten to do with Noel:
Anna: Visit Storybook Land

Me: How do you think Noel feels about you:
Anna: She loves me. Sometimes she plays with me and not mommy. She loves to snuggle with me.

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  1. This is great and a brilliant idea to interview your daughter. Your doing a fantastic job, thanks for sharing.