Saturday, July 3, 2010

Noel Visits Wheaton Village

Photo: Noel being pushed by her cousin RJ

The weather was gorgeous this week so I picked up my niece and nephew and headed to Wheaton Village with all of the kids. Wheaton Village is in Millville, NJ. I believe the place is actually called Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center. They are known for their glass blowing demonstrations.

Taking Noel to places like this is actually a breeze. She loves to people watch, and I have a Convaid stroller to push her around in. I use it to take her to the boardwalk, zoo, and even Disney World. Several times I have taken her out of the stroller so she could touch something or walk around, but she heads right back to the stroller and tries to climb in. She is so good in the stroller I don't even have to use the straps.

My daughters Anna and Noel, my niece Mackenzie, and my nephew RJ all had a blast. The place was pretty much empty and we had front row seats to watch the potter make a bowl, and the glassblowers make glass flower vases. The kids loved the museum where they got to find pieces of cheese left by Millie the mouse. They had to read the clues and find the special glass sculptures that Millie visited throughout the museum.

The General Store has penny candy, and the clerk was so patient with the children as they picked out and paid for the candy themselves. There was also a gazebo with lots of geese that were so hungry they were chasing us. Then the kids got out the rest of their energy playing on a unique playground. I think they liked climbing up in to the lookout tower the best.

Even though I have 4 kids by myself, it was the most peaceful and stress free day I had all week. I got good exercise and really enjoyed time with all the kids. I am sure Noel had a great time too because she didn't stop smiling the whole time.

If you are headed down to Wheaton Village make sure you print out their online $1 off coupon first. I used one for each of us and they gladly accepted them. Here is there website: Wheaton Village

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  1. What a great description of the day. It sounds like a blast. Wheaton Village sounds really interesting. I'll have to go there before I leave NJ.