Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swimming with an AquaJogger

Photo of Noel swimming with her sister while wearing her AquaJogger.

There is nothing angels love more than water! I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that Noel could swim independently in a pool. Thank goodness her school has a pool, and that they taught her to swim with an AquaJogger. An AquaJogger is not a life-saving device, it just forces my angel to remain upright so that she does not keep going face first in the water.

Noel is now 8 years old and has been swimming with an AquaJogger since she was 3. She uses the AquaJogger Active Belt. Although they have Jr. AquaJoggers for younger children.

I first purchased an AquaJogger for my daughter to use at home in the summer. It came in handy when we went on our first cruise. She was able to swim independently in the ship's pool. Swim Outlet has AquaJoggers for half the price of any other store. I was highly impressed with them and would recommend them for any child with a disability.

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