Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meet my Angel

My beautiful Noel was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome when she was 14 months old. We were lucky enough to meet with a neurologist who was familiar with this syndrome. She ordered the blood test without tell us what she was looking for and had the results a month later. Noel was chromosome 15 deletion positive.

Noel is always happy, and very loving. She doesn't mind if you are old, or haven't taken a bath in 2 years. She will show you unconditional love. She teaches me many important life lessons.

Unfortunately, Noel does not understand danger, cannot talk, has trouble communicating, has seizures, feeding difficulties, sensory disorders, mental retardation, and much more. It's easy to forget these cons when you see her smile and feel her give you the biggest squeeze ever.

This blog will go along with a book I am writing on my life with my angel, Noel.

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  1. Hello Alicia,
    This is Pooja here from India. I have a son named yug who is an angel. I am planning to start a foundation in India for angelman kids. This foundation will basically serve the purpose of awareness as it is absent here. I am looking forward for your book as it will help me gather information on AS.