Monday, March 19, 2018

Decreased Mobility Means Time for a New House

The latest in our Angelman journey brings us to the need for a different house. I first bought this house when Noel was 2. Since that time she learned to walk around age 3 and then began needing DAFOs (leg braces) by age 7 because she began leaning forward and falling. She is now 16 and it is no longer safe for her to walk without someone holding her hand. She's been riding the bus in her wheelchair for the last few years because of her difficulty with the stairs, and a Stairlift was installed to get her from the first floor of the home to the second floor. The men of the Methodist church were also wonderful and built a wheelchair accessible ramp out the back door.

Noel has now reached 105 lbs. While this is perfect for her age and height, it isn't so great on my back. She is very shaky due to having Angelman Syndrome and doesn't want to stand of her own accord while I do simple things like change her diaper and pull up her pants. I often go to bed early at the end of the day because lifting her gets exhausting and it's easier to snuggle with her and watch a movie. The problem with that is someone will decide to stop by and knock on my front door. It isn't really safe for me to go downstairs and answer it, leaving Noel alone upstairs. It's also an issue of one of us is sick. We end up having to use the pull-out sofa bed to stay downstairs, which isn't in the best shape anymore.

My oldest, and my only helper, is getting ready to head off to college. It's time for us to sell our house and search for a home that provides 1-story living. This is proving hard since our home is a fixer upper (even though it is spacious and has a second house on the property for rental income). Hey, it's even zoned Village Commercial if someone wanted to run a business here! So, we would definitely appreciate all prayers to get this house sold so we can find something safer that will make it easier to care for my beautiful angel!

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